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tv   [untitled]    March 11, 2013 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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the u.k. stands a loyalty test in the falklands referendum exacerbating the standoff with argentina over sovereignty and. two years on the anti nuclear sentiment gets stronger in japan is the country marks the anniversary of one of the world's worst nuclear disasters and many unsatisfied with the speed of the clean up operation. and anger among secular jews is growing is the ultra religious are excluded from compulsory military service claiming prayer is equally important for the country's security.
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and i welcome you watching r.t. with me. now the disputed islands are voting in a second day of a referendum on whether or not to remain a british territory but a low probe british sentiment among many islanders leaves little doubt as to the outcome while argentina he still lay claim to the islands have called the vote a sham artie's party boy reports now on the toxic mix of nationalism politics and oil. these are some very far flung islands from britain a tiny territory now nevertheless the islanders are expected to vote overwhelmingly in favor of remaining a british overseas territory but this isn't just a question of national identity we know that the argentinian government's already dismissed the vote as a propaganda exercise cooked up in london but there's the prospect of all that a lot of people are talking about now this speculation surrounding how much oil there is an estimated sixty billion barrels of oil potentially to be found in the
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full cleanse basin and that's worth about one hundred sixty seven billion dollars to compare that with britain's oil reserves well they seem scant in comparison the u.k. has an estimated two point eight five billion barrels of oil so if this estimation proves to be correct if the falkland islands do indeed have these sixty billion barrels then we're talking about more oil than the reserves of the u.s. say could char or even libya to talk about this i'm joined in the studio by ken hurst he's a journalist came to what extent is this dispute a question of resources for both the british and the argentinean government well it could be argued that it's always been questionable whether it's morally or logistically sustainable to try to protect. a colony that's eight thousand miles away i suppose the argument one could have into that is economically sustainable he
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said he was ships and so on and so forth but of course the oil. but it only changes if you believe it's morally justifiable to go on what we call it you know colonial plundering missions something we did in the eighteenth or nineteenth centuries and personally i don't happen to believe it is but a lot of people are saying that this is a question of domestic politics for the argentinean president because there is a flailing a colony at home and you know picking up the question of the island sovereignty is going to increase her ratings back home well that may or may not be true certainly south america as a bloc may be having its economic issues but it's certainly becoming generally an economic powerhouse a part of the the the brazilian the russian the indian the chinese the rise of those nations and it's part of all of that and we've had issues haven't we about. vessels carrying our flags not being allowed into some some of those ports so there
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is that issue around it but you know i don't know how sustainable that is it isn't trying to ramp up. argentina and came to the islands just a way of increasing popularity at home well it may be but you've got to remember that president cristina fernandez actually had a landslide victory herself in the two thousand and eleven election i think it was so she's probably more politically stable than david cameron is and finally do you think the referendum is going to resolve this dispute referendums don't resolve disputes actually negotiation resolve disputes and that's what really needs to happen down there in the in the falklands or the melvina whichever you call them. well the result isn't expected to be announced until around twenty three hundred g.m.t. but for now let's get more perspective on the vote and what it may all mean with the conservative m.p. junk blair who's in london for us now and mr glenn thank you for joining us firstly
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it's going to be no great surprise is it to which way this vote is going to go. well i think polls consistently show that the vast majority virtually all islanders wish to remain subject to the united kingdom and i don't see that result being any different to expectations what would be the significance of this result because the us the u.s. says it won't really recognize the results of this referendum is britain likely to find itself isolated do you think. what i think the question has to be if the vast majority of the people that live on the islands wish to remain part of the united kingdom then what room is there for any negotiation was the purpose of any negotiation surely we must respect the democratic will of that majority of population and you know i don't really understand what the issue is i think the president has been ramping up the rhetoric over the last couple of years time when
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in their own domestic economy she's got inflation of twenty five thirty percent and this is a distraction from the failure for economic policy she should leave british territories alone when the vast majority of people wish to remain so is this referendum not inflaming the situation though because the you his urge britain in argentina to get into talks britain wants the islanders to be involved argentina doesn't want that to happen what is the way forward is that actually helping. well i don't understand what the purpose of negotiations are and what what and what could end it could lead to if the ninety odd percent if not hundred percent of islanders support the status quo what is the purpose of negotiation in fact there was no need for negotiation unless until president started this campaign over the last couple of years i don't really see the point of it because there isn't really an issue that. needing to be
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resolved point of view and putting that is she to one side let's look at the economic benefits of the falkland islands it's been well documented the resources that are there think that that's really serving to antagonize the situation because the claims are look this is really about oil isn't it well i think there are a lot of ambiguity over the size of the. oil for all finds off the falklands but the reality is if these are sovereign territories of the united kingdom before the islanders to determine the best way forward and when those reserves are exploited that's a matter for them and. the the core issue here is what are the people of the falklands want who they wish to be subject to. if this referendum serves to underscore what we know already the vast majority if not all of them want to remain part of united kingdom that's the end of the issue as far as i'm concerned so from
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your point of view once this referendum is held we know the result and we probably could say what it is now we wanted to you does it actually has actually helped in any way because surely argentina is just going to come back and say well no we believe that sovereignty is ours and not britain's we are exactly where we would be in our. well i think the point is that argentina can carry on saber rattling and making lots of noises but they've got to answer the question on what basis are how can they justify a change in who runs the falklands islands when the vast majority if not all of the inhabitants the falkland islands don't wish to have anything to do with them i don't understand where they go them with that with their argument and one final point there mr glenn is there room for negotiation with argentina. where i think the point is that. there's no need for negotiation because the people wish to remain part of the united kingdom and president could perhaps do
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a better service to her people by focusing on the failing economy the ridiculously high inflation rate and concentrate on domestic economic policy rather than this. silly and childish saber rattling which does nothing to persuade the people of the falklands that they want to change where they are i mean their party united kingdom they always have been and they always will be ok mr clegg we will have to leave it there thank you very much for your thoughts that is a conservative page john glenn live from london now on r.t. dot com we're asking you what you think argentina's next step will be if with the falkland islanders do decide to stay british let's see how voting stands at the moment forty percent of you say that argentina will declare the vote rigged or illegitimate slightly fewer think faulkland is will be told to move to britain by their south american neighbor fifteen percent expect argentina to announce a new referendum in five years while or just eight percent of you there believe
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when is aries will finally back off from its claim you still got time to tell us what you think you can cast your vote at r.t. dot com. meanwhile domestically in the u.k. economic hardship it pays to be sparing no one coming up we've got the story of world war two veterans whose families are forced to sell their mementos and memories just to pay for basic care. japan is grieving the death of over nineteen thousand people killed during
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a devastating earthquake and tsunami it is two years since the tragedy which triggered the world's worst economic disaster in twenty five years i think you seen the plants or nuclear meltdown and the release of radioactive materials sean thomas was in japan and witnessed the aftermath when i first arrived what struck me the most is that the scale of the disaster was much larger than what many people may even remember in fact what you had was you had the earthquake you had the tsunami then you had the nuclear disaster and then the lingering disaster after the fact so traveling to the coast homes destroyed villages decimated and the people doing what they could to try and pick up their lives people we spoke to have a great distrust for the government they don't that time they don't feel that they were getting all of the information that they needed to for their safety and i can tell you that from the get go there was a lot of mistrust in the government about how the situation was being handled on
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the ground. well the nuclear tragedy also sparked massive protests all over the globe against the use of atomic energy r.t. tom barton now investigating the world is ready to wean itself off nuclear power if we look at japan first of all there before the before this leak nuclear energy made about twenty five percent of japan's energy needs afterwards all nuclear reactors were suspended some have since been restarted to try to cope with blackouts far away in germany the public and politicians were horrified by what they saw unraveling in japan and that led in part to the blunders tag's decision in may two thousand and eleven to end all nuclear power in germany by two thousand and twenty two in france a very different policy since the one nine hundred seventy s. france has really pushed nuclear energy as
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a clean and safe provider of energy it still makes up nearly eighty percent of france's and edgy needs there although public opinion has changed slightly it's still more in favor of nuclear power than it is in japan if we look at japan again the new government is more pro nuclear energy than the previous government was but they're going to have a big a big time trying to convince the japanese population that it is worth it one thing they have on their side is that nuclear power is demonstrable cheaper than other alternatives and fossil fuels or renewables there just isn't enough of those renewables yet to try and cover the gap and you can read more on how japan is fixing the consequences of the thing can seem a tragedy on r.t. dot com as well as read expert opinions on the country's nuclear future.
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israel is witnessing a widening religious divide with a difference secular jews who have to do military service claim it's unfair that the ultra religious are excluded from such jussi the latter though say their contribution to the country's security is no less important artie's poor asli a spoke to people on both sides. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is struggling to form a government five weeks after parliamentary elections he can't get potential coalition partners to agree to stumbling block whether or not ultra religious orthodox jews should serve in the i.d.f. the religious parties are certainly beginning to understand things have changed they're going to find themselves challenged on many fronts military service is going to be one of them and as a result they will have to conserve their political capital to fight on the things they care about most most ultra religious jews have never been in the israeli army
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and religious political parties have never been pressed on the issue like they've been now but january's parliamentary elections all new players coming to the fore on yahoo needs in his coalition if he's to form a majority government but they're insisting the religious played a part. like this woman who spearheaded a campaign with other like minded israeli mothers they're fed up with what they call an injustice that the children should serve one others don't to thirty now that the something is very unfair that we are going to give our children to the army not knowing if we are going to get them back in fifty percent of the mother or the new. do not have to warry because their children do not go to the army iran is twenty eight years old married with two children while others his age were doing their national service he was here starting far from being apologetic he feels the contribution he makes is as important if not more. of the backbone of the jewish
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people i think my obligation first of all is to preserve the jewish intellect and the jewish mind for r.c. for this country's sake and for the generations to come and yes while i might be not putting my life at risk and also contributing to this country's security they also say which doesn't make any sense for me that it is good in that study the torah is soldier is not getting killed so if you are taking twenty two thousand eight hundred soldiers that were created until now for independence day and. what does it mean if you didn't study enough but the frustration among secular israelis who make up most of the population goes beyond just army service they complain ultra religious jews don't work or pay taxes while receiving disproportionate government support just about every city in israel has a religious neighborhood like this one in ten israelis is all too also ducks the
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challenge remains how to include it in a society that is increasingly hostile to them whether netanyahu eventually chooses to include religious partners or leave them out of his coalition there's no running away from the growing internal divide in an already divided country policy r.t. jerusalem. syrian rebels are reportedly training on the american and european. within the opposition think foreign support is a good thing after the break we've got an interview with one of the leaders of the anti movement on the crisis is. something extreme. it's a cool thing if you look you can see that the water in my body feels really warm now and this is good for you. they plunge into icy water to make themselves
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stronger you can't get used to the cold if you can tolerate it and you can struggle with. people as victims across. the cold. critic three. three. three. three. three. three blog video for your media project free media r.t. dot com.
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i welcome back syrian rebels could be receiving combat training from u.s. british and french instructors according to reports in europe a media it's claimed to be taking place in jordan and trainers is said to be wearing military uniforms however some leaders of the syrian opposition but the foreign ministry support won't help resolve the crisis channel has spoken to one of the. oh good two of them and i want the opposition to be united for at least we would know who to negotiate with but unfortunately there are many small armed groups we are trying to establish contact with the most rational and far seeing opposition representatives who respect international humanitarian law and the basic constitutional principles that unite us as syrians whose actions aren't based on religious beliefs or malicious murders there's much. aside
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what is your view on the main political problems of the syrian crisis for example the preservation of assad's presidency civilian death and their position being supplied with weapons when the cult will have so hello to well first the arms supply should be stopped completely both for the rebels and for the syrian army second concerning the presidency we need time syria needs a boat ten to twenty years a parliamentarian ism to eliminate the idea of destroying one person and the role of the president so we can see that the majority of syrian support our program that will redistribute power from the president. so fun to afraid of clashes with the government which is going to be formed in istanbul and it is considered to control so-called free districts mostly not you have. we are far from it still i think that if a project starts with the french foreign minister statement and then was discussed
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in istanbul's lobbies over three months the project doesn't have any future it is likely to be a farce and it will actually be much better if it is not realized at all because it won't gain any support or respect they still don't have a worthy candidate for prime minister they don't have any political modesty the correct way of thinking or political experience. surprising claims that hitler wasn't all bad almost all of off dreams recently i see some benefits to his nine hundred thirty eight onyx asian country rock the high ranking both gary and priest who thought selling his pricey rolex watch to pay church bills was a good deed but his cash strapped congregation thinks otherwise we'll tell you why . i.
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think. having fought for their country's freedom some world war two veterans in the u.k. and i struggle financially survive. skyrocketing living costs leaving even the most decorated heroes with no other choice but to sell their medals just to make ends meet sarah ferguson has the story. i fired a short burst from five hundred feet producing strikes on the port engine a dull flame appeared soon it began to dive steeply exploding into the ground these other private extracts from the flight logs of world war two night pilot brand burbridge despite being a highly skilled and decorated pilot his story has remained largely untold until
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now ninety two and suffering with outsiders prances in a nursing home and his family struggling with high care costs have put the incredible momentum up for sale i said that these are your medals we're selling them and there was a smile and there was a sort of recognition that. you know this this is what he. so i have no doubt that he's probably got someone the standing of this happening the family hyping to raise more than one hundred thousand pounds at the auction with their father's nursing home costs averaging around fifty thousand pounds a year inside as it is the money will go a long way to paying for their father's treatment the items tell the remarkable story of the man he began the war as a conscientious objector but he wended it is arguably one of britain's most prolific night flies and the story. absolutely true he never
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for an enemy cause you only have room for the engines. hoping that mobilize will be so. pleased to see. a parachute emerge from iran so this is brand says pilots flying logbook and slightly unusually he also includes his combat reports now this particular one you can see describes one of his exceptional achievements during the war where in one night alone he shot down four enemy german planes now that was absolutely remarkable and was described by a fellow night flying eighth as one of the most exceptional sorties flown during the war even now when he looks at planes there's that recognition that it's part of his life of the. people to take with you so those that. yeah i think it's yes the ultimate keris
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a man needs to be more funding for really care so that they don't have to sell all their possessions and all their what they fought for of their home you know in order to pay for their care think that that's the hardest thing british veterans do receive a tax free pension that was sky high living in care costs and often that's simply not enough. shockingly and it's estimated that ex service personnel account for around one in ten the u.k.'s homeless politicians are criticised for abandoning but humans in their hour of need leaving it to charities to pick up the slack we have hundreds of people who contact veterans and their dependents who contact us every year who need help with care looking at the ageing population it's not likely that those the number of people we help would go down any time say every year in the u.k. they're a key page. for their country but in
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a nation where everything north of the only added to the number of leading brown story is an important reminder that the rest of the year away from the ceremonies and the cameras and many. facing personal challenges by and large go on to serve our. quick look at other international news now in venezuela the opposition candidate who lost hugo chavez in the last election in october. has announced he will run for the presidency next month the four year old will face off against acting president nicolas maduro picked by chavez to succeed him the announcement has already sparked a war of words between the two politicians recent polls give the socialist a comfortable lead in the run up to the election. police in egypt have ended a draw i can given authorities ten days to grant calls for more powerful weapons
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third of provinces in the country have been hit by the strike including portside where more than fifty people have died in clashes over the last few months this is the country's top prosecutor has called on civilians to arrest people they see committing crimes raising concerns vigilante groups could take security into their own hands. the presence of pakistan and around her. reiterated their commitment to open the gas pipeline to tour in the two countries despite american opposition to the plan the pipe on the iranian side is complete wells work on the pakistan section apparently costing one and a half billion dollars it is yet to begin to stand says it needs to fulfill its energy needs but the us has criticised the plan saying it could go against sanctions in place against iran. and a suicide bomber detonated a truck full of explosives at a police station one hundred fifty kilometers north of the iraqi capital killing
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five people are moving thirty six officials say two policemen and three civilians are among the dead some of the wounded are thought to be students from a nearby school no group has yet said it's responsible for the attack. and i'll be back with more news for you in just about half an hour's time before that then it's the documentary surviving the cold here and. the month before the oscars and what annoys you with their predictions and the most after everyone complains about the results but it is a big talked about much as the few hundred people who gathered to protest the glamour filled award show but what does the us. well although the film life of pi
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won the oscar for best visual effects effects to you that made the movie look so amazing rhythm and hues has filed for bankruptcy quickly after the film's release you know that seems like a bit of a discrepancy i mean the group that made the best visual effects in the world in two thousand and thirteen is flat broke how can that be this reminds me of how the lead creators of call of duty modern warfare two were let go directly after the release of the game which to date is the eighth highest grossing video game of all time this was done supposedly to dodge paying them the royalties that they you know earned through hard work the problem is that we live in a world where only the bottom line count making as much profit as you possibly can damn the consequences it's just good business practice they say well it might be profitable but it's bad for society and it's very bad for visual effects and videogame artists but that's just my opinion.


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